Maui Live Poets Society

Worlds Longest Peace Poem

Co-creator @ Ohana endorses and supports the International Peace Poem Project sponsored by the Maui Live Poet Society. As collectors of poems on Peace from all nations and accepted in all languages, the Peace Poem is already the longest poem on Peace in the World. We want you to keep it growing. While living in Japan in the eighties, Wide Garcia met a man who was working in Japan on a tourist paddleship as a musician, who also had the record for most miles hiked in the Guinness Book of World Records. Wide bought a book and found the hitchhiker’s name. Then as he thumbed through other pages, he found the longest poem in the world. It was The Bhagavad Gita a collection of poems, stories, histories and other facets of the Indian Hindu Religion with 500,000 lines.

As a poet, he thought if every individual wrote a two line poem on Peace, we could challenge that world record. After Wide returned to Maui he met Melinda Gohn and another poet, Lawrence Hill, and together they founded the Maui Live Poet Society in Lahaina in 1994. Soon afterwards they sponsored a project entitled the International Peace Poem, which since 1996, has grown into to becoming the longest peace poem in the world and is still growing. The Peace Poem was presented to the United Nations in New York September 18, 2000. Add your lines to the peacepoem and send them to: