aloha means love, compassion, and peace when translated from Hawaiian to English. It also serves as a simple Hawaiian word that is both a greeting and also serves as a way to say goodbye. Alo means ‘face to face’ and Ha means the ‘breath of life,’ this is one of the more literal translations of the meaning of Aloha.  Aunty Pîlahi Pâkî was also known for being a prophetess. In 1970, she predicted that in the next millennium the world will turn to Hawai`i in its search for world peace. Because Hawai`i has the key, and that key is ALOHA!

Aunty Pîlahi Pâkî also taught her students the song, "`Imo Ku`u Hôkû Lani (Don't Stop Until You Reach the Stars)."

What is the true definition of aloha spirit?

Pîlahi Pâkî made it clear that the aloha spirit is in the land or aina and not in humans unless they embrace and practice the aloha spirit law. She wrote the following poem entitled "What is aloha? telling humans how!

What is aloha?

A poem of guidance by Pîlahi Pâkî

"Before you can have aloha
You must do aloha
Before you can be aloha
You must choose aloha
Before you can choose aloha
You must have the power to choose
Before you have the power to choose
You must be the source of the power
Before being the source of the power
You must be conscious of the source."