Global Citizen Circle

Nadine Hack met Global Citizens Circle through its founding president Jerry Dunfey. They both found themselves in the Anti-Apartheid Movement. They had become involved in the cause based on their respective activism in the American Civil Rights, Women’s Rights, and Gay Rights movements. It also led to each of them becoming involved in other kinds of human rights movements and liberation movements throughout the world. Nadine Hack has been involved with Global Citizens Circle for thirty five of its forty five year history.

Global Citizens Circle

Global Citizens Circle (or GCC), is an organization that convenes “Circles” that bring together concerned individuals, ranging from world-renowned leaders to local activists, to discuss the most pressing problems of the day, in long form dialogues. The goal is to find enduring, sustainable solutions to these problems. The GCC empowers the global community to listen, learn, and lead. It’s a form of intergenerational social action. Tens of thousands of people from all corners of the world have gathered in these Circles, since 1974. The “Circles” intentionally reflect diversity in race, age, nationality, gender, sector and every way you can imagine.

Over its forty five-year history the Global Citizens Circle has played an important role in shaping really profound changes in South Africa, Northern Ireland, the Middle East, throughout Latin America, and the United States. GCC continues to amplify the voice of ordinary people doing extraordinary things by featuring them alongside world-renowned leaders like Nelson Mandela.

Support Global Citizens Circle via MindMeet by engaging GCC leaders donating services in exchange for GCC donations. You also can join and donate fifteen minutes of your time to fund-raise for Global Citizens Circle on MindMeet.