Bradley Jon Eaglefeather

Bradley Jon Eaglefeather was born in Somerset West, just a stone’s throw away from his current home in the Mother City of Cape Town (in South Africa). He was once the product of a misspent youth, having obsessively devoted his time and passion into DJing during the 1990's underground rave scene. Fate would later intervene and he would be forced to leave that life behind. It was the day the music died, and Bradley knew then and there that he had been given a second chance at life...

So began the process of unlearning, re-evolving and channeling his deep desire to know the unknowable. His journey would lead him through a great many personal trials and tribulations, as he experimented with new models for sharing and co-creation. This would include his early work with Whatisfiction (the ultimate game) as well as a necessary detour of four and a half years as he struggled to move beyond the first reality of MyOctane.

Bradley Jon Eaglefeather has taken the on-going responsibility, of carrying the aloha spirit law into Africa and to the world beyond. His work with EaglesVision will manifest and grow the fractal field of Creative Collaborative Media Design. Which will later serve as a neutral socioeconomic conduit for creatives and artists, that we may be free to endeavor to co-create a nu-peace filled revolution!

While time waits for no man, I still stand waiting for my time to come... #TheShift

Bradley Jon Eaglefeather

Director of Co-creator @ Ohana

 Thoth's prophecy was passed down from ancient Egypt. It is hard not to see ourselves mirroring ancient Egypt in the state that mankind finds itself in today.

The video by After School features a reading by Graham Hancock from the Hermetic Texts, with an extraordinary animation by Lubomir Arsov. The video is set to the music "Arrival of the Birds" by Cinematic Orchestra.