About Co-creator @ Ohana

Learn more about Co-creator @ Ohana the non-profit organization that works in accordance with the aloha spirit law. Our mission is to spread the principles and practice of the aloha spirit law, as interpreted by Aunty Pîlahi Pâkî. Each one of our co-creator's show us different ways, to become better versions of ourselves. We will also highlight the stories and struggles of our fellow global change makers. Who are boldly choosing to shape the social culture of our collective future.

As a global ohana collective we will be investing our time and insights into building a better collaborative society. So that we may help the world achieve a state of "Lōkahi". The essence of this means come together regardless of one’s differences. To create something of value and bring forth a collective advantage. Only when we achieve this unity, will we be in unanimous harmony as people of the world.

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aloha Spirit Centers

We believe that only by learning from each other, that we are able to become better versions of ourselves. This is a necessary form of cultural exchange rather than another form of cultural appropriation. This principle will sit deeply within the heart of all of our aloha spirit centers.

We also support projects and causes that are endorsed by each of our Co-creators. Our ohana collective uses its combined wisdom, to highlight and also support culturally uplifting projects. As well as those causes that fall in alignment with the heart and soul, of the aloha spirit law. This is what it means to be of true service.

The founding of Co-creator @ Ohana was inspired by the volunteer work of Paul Shugarman (circa13579). It all began with his support of the Intention Call, as well as the Polynesian Voyaging Society (PVS) during it's historic circumnavigation of the globe by the Hōkūleʻa.