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aloha Spirit Law
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Spreading the aloha spirit!

Co-creator @ Ohana spreads love to all and by each of us doing so. As members of one global family, in order for us to heal our Earth. Our non-profit organization donates its resources to support, promote and fund other fellow Co-creators @ Ohana. We also choose to support other non-profit organizations and individuals who are practicing the aloha spirit law.

Co-creator @ ohana's 'rainbow' symbolizes the Aloha Spirit. The 'earth' shows us the heart of the world. As we all begin to learn to live as one globally extended 'family'

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What is aloha?

aloha is more than a simple Hawaiian word that is both a greeting and also serves as a way to say goodbye. What is true aloha?

About Co-creator @ Ohana

Co-creator at Ohana is an organisational movement that is dedicated to bringing the aloha spirit to the world. So that we may all find a deeper peace in living and co-creating a more loving world together.

aloha Spirit Law

Learn how respected Maui elder Aunty Pîlahi Pâkî championed the true spirit of aloha until it became an impassioned law. What is the aloha spirit law

Worlds Longest Peace Poem

Co-creator @ Ohana endorses and supports the International Peace Poem Project sponsored by the Maui Live Poet Society. The Peace Poem is already the longest poem on Peace in the World.

The Aloha Spirit Law

"The world will turn to Hawai'i as they search for world peace because Hawai'i has the key... And that key is aloha!" - Aunty Pîlahi Pâkî.

To be a Co-creator @ Ohana

aloha is the Hawaiian word for love, affection, peace, compassion and mercy. It is also used in simple greetings of hello and goodbye. The deeper meaning is that it is also a greeting of love and compassion. It also means what it is to be in the presence of the divinity, or the aloha spirit. Hawaiians still practice spreading the aloha spirit in different ways throughout the world. Performing hulas, chants, and speaking the Hawaiian language and by also playing traditional music. is a web site that is dedicated to spreading this love of aloha to everyone. As well as the message that we will need to accept each other as members of one global family. In order for us to begin to heal our world! This is the true power of aloha!